Astaxanthin in newly patented formula for eye health

The US Patent and Trademark Office recently awarded Patent No. 9,610,313 to Florida-based Valensa International for its EyePro MD® formula, which claims eye healthcare benefits related to its blend of lutein, zeaxanthin and astaxanthin mixed with omega-3 essential oils from krill, algae or perilla seed…

Valensa to commercialize Algal Scientific health ingredients

Eustis, FL-based Valensa International has announced that it has reached an agreement with Algal Scientific Corporation, of Plymouth, MI, to commercialize the company’s PureAlgal™ branded ingredients – whole dried microalgae (Euglena gracilis) and purified beta-1,3-glucan… [Read the full story]

Algaeon expands with $2.75M funding

Dan Human reports in the Indianapolis Business Journal that Indianapolis-based Algaeon Inc. plans to use $2.75 million in new funding to begin commercial production of its algae-based nutritional.