Mimi C. Hall — New CEO of Phenometrics

Mimi Cook Hall, has accepted the position of CEO at Phenometrics Inc. after serving three years as the Director of Sales and Marketing, generating sales revenue, and implementing marketing strategies for the company. Ms. Hall was the original founding CEO from 2010 to 2013 and has maintained… [Read the full story]

Phenometrics introduces two next generation photo bioreactors

Lansing, Michigan-based Phenometrics Inc., a highly respected innovator in benchtop photo bioreactors, has introduced two upgraded PBR systems, the PBR102-FTM, which includes the FSL-200 Full Spectrum Light system, and the PBR102-STM, with Standard spectrum light. The PBR102-F and…

Phenometrics Narrow Spectrum Lights for PBR

The computer-controlled PBR101 uses innovative technology to re-create algal environmental conditions such as temperature, light intensity, and CO2, enabling scientists to study algae under the same conditions found outdoors in the ponds, but in the much more efficient confines…

Jeff Wesley joins Phenometrics’ Board of Directors

Phenometrics Inc. has announced the name of another appointment to their board, in addition to adding Mark Edwards last week. The new addition, Jeff Wesley, is executive director of the Michigan State University Foundation’s wholly owned venture investment subsidiary… [Read the full story]

Phenometrics welcomes Mark Edwards to Board of Directors

Phenometrics Inc., a leader in benchtop photobioreactors, has announce a new distinguished member, Mark R. Edwards PhD, MBA, to its board of directors. Dr. Edwards, is Professor Emeritus after 39 years at Arizona State University. He advises global companies on strategy for food, energy… [Read the full story]

Phenometrics intros Light Calibration Tool for PBR101

Lansing, Michigan-based Phenometrics Inc. has introduced a new accessory for their benchtop PBR-101 photo bioreactors, the LCT99 Light Calibration Tool. The LCT99 is a time saving tool that helps scientists accurately calibrate the LED light on the Phenometrics PBR101 and ePBR Photo Bioreactors…

Phenometrics’ FSL-200 Full Spectrum Light system

Photobioreactor experts Phenometrics Inc. have introduced a new accessory for their PBR-101 photo bioreactors, the FSL-200 Full Spectrum Light system. The FSL-200’s LED produces a more accurate solar spectrum, compared to the current LED light that comes standard with the PBR-101. The PBR101 is a computer…

Phenometrics expands into China and India with new partnerships

Phenometrics Inc., a leading manufacturer of desktop photo bioreactors for the algae industry, has expanded its distribution into India and China with two new partnerships. The company has joined with Biolinx… [Read the full story]

Mimi C. Hall returns to Phenometrics

Mimi Cook Hall, co-founder of Phenometrics Inc. rejoined the company in July as Sales and Marketing Director. In 2010 — when the company was founded to provide desktop photo bioreactors to the algae scientific community — she was the entrepreneur business partner and co-founder… [Read the full story]

Phenometrics Environmental Photo Bioreactor™

The computer controlled Environmental Photo BioReactor (ePBR™) from Phenometrics recreates the environmental conditions such as temperature, light intensity and CO2, enabling scientists to study algae…

Phenometrics Now Shipping ePBRs

East Lansing, MI-based Phenometrics Inc. has announced shipment and installation of it’s first line of products, Environmental Photo Bioreactors (ePBR) matrix systems, for algae biofuel research at six…

MSU Researchers Develop E-photobioreactor

Plant scientists at Michigan State have become assembly line workers for the production of what they call ePBR’s—laboratory-based algae photobioreactors that mimic the outdoor environment…