Algae.Tec announces expanded product range

Algae.Tec Limited has announced its planned expansion into a range of high-value product lines. Their controlled growth proprietary technology combined with their algae species research and development has enabled the Company to develop a series of high quality liquid and… [Read the full story]

New Algae.Tec Plant

Algae.Tec announced the start-up this week of its nutraceutical plant in Cumming, near Atlanta, Georgia. The plant has been substantially upgraded following a $1million investment in June of 2016 by Gencor, in order to increase product flexibility, expand plant capacity and focus on multiple high quality products…

Algae.Tec Signs Nutraceutical Supply Agreement

Algae.Tec, international manufacturer of modular algae cultivation systems, has announced the signing of an exclusive supply agreement with Gencor, a leading worldwide supplier of health supplements, branded ingredients and standardized single-herb extracts to support specific needs… [Read the full story]

Food/Feed Veteran to Lead Aurora’s Global Sales

Aurora Algae has announced the appointment of Lee Covert as senior vice president of sales, responsible for building out the Company’s global sales operations from the Hayward, Calif. headquarters…