Algae.Tec announces expanded product range

Algae.Tec Limited has announced its planned expansion into a range of high-value product lines. Their controlled growth proprietary technology combined with their algae species research and development has enabled the Company to develop a series of high quality liquid and… [Read the full story]

Olmix sees algae replacing antibiotics in animal diets

Stuart Lumb and Chakrit Ridmotri write in that animal nutrition company Olmix is working to find natural solutions for food production without using antibiotics. Producers face many problems trying to establish a healthy food chain, and reducing antibiotics for food producing animals is a key topic…

Microalgae in animal feed

Although the use of whole microalgae in animal diets has long been studied, the 
de-fatted biomass of microalgal species, derived from biofuel production research, has only recently shown feasibility in replacing corn and soybean meal in animal…