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NAA announces speakers for Feb 28 workshop

February 6, 2014

NAANational Algae Association’s (NAA) has announced speakers for their next workshop to be held, February 28 at Kessil Lighting in Richmond, CA. The gathering will focus on progress in commercial algae cultivation, harvesting and extraction methods and technologies, along with proven technologies that are ready for commercial-scale algae production and moving towards standardization. Confirmed speakers include:

Susan Boland, PhD
Algal biofuel life cycle analysis: modeling and analysis of algal biofuel nutrient recycle and co-products

Robert Henrikson, CEO, Smart MicroFarms
Evolution of scalable algae production and new business opportunities

Matthew Julius, PhD, University of St. Cloud
Exploiting differences in cultivar and contaminant cells to maintain high quality mass cultures

Jose Sanchez, VP Quality Control and Assurance
Use of algae EWS to maximize profits in algae endeavors

Will Thurmond, CEO, Emerging Markets Online
Algae producers, markets and commercial forecasts to 2020 for food, feed, fuel and omega-3s

For Early-Bird Registration, go to http://nationalalgaeassociation.com

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