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IKEA imagines the spirulina hotdog bun

March 13, 2018

SPACE10’s Dogless Hotdog is made with a spirulina bun.

At Ikea’s SPACE 10 research center, the fast food of the future is being reimagined for a tastier tomorrow. Three years ago, the lab introduced the world to Tomorrow’s Meatball — a visual rethinking of IKEA’s iconic meatball using alternative ingredients such as insects, algae, and lab-grown meat.

Since then they’ve been developing a wider selection of dishes that showcase the kind of food we could one day be eating.

At SPACE10, their research is rooted in an important principle. Dishes shouldn’t just be healthy or sustainable; they must be delicious, too.

To change people’s minds about food, to inspire them to try new ingredients, they can’t just appeal to the intellect  — they have to titillate the taste buds.

The lab has been working with a chef-in-residence to come up with dishes that look good, taste good, and are good for people and the planet, starting with a playful take on a favorite fast-food.

The Dogless Hotdog, a major twist on the classic snack, shows that healthy and sustainable food need not be bland. It’s made with dried and glazed baby carrots, beet and berry ketchup, mustard and turmeric cream, roasted onions, cucumber salad, and a herb salad mix.

But the star of the show — and what gives the Dogless Hotdog its eye-catching looks — is the bun itself. It’s made with spirulina — the microalgae that contains more beta carotene than carrots, more chlorophyll than wheatgrass, and 50 times more iron than spinach.

As you might imagine, the item also contains more protein than a “real” hotdog.

In keeping with SPACE 10’s mandate, they reference The UN calling spirulina “the most ideal food for mankind,” And IKEA is inclined to agree.

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