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FlowCAM® Manufacturer Announces Financial Services

August 22, 2011

Fluid Imaging Technologies, Inc. of Yarmouth, Maine, has announced the launch of Fluid Imaging Financial Services to provide flexible financing options to its North American customers for acquiring the tech firm’s dynamic imaging particle analyzer, the FlowCAM®.

Fluid Imaging Financial Services offers “Lease-to-Own” programs with fixed monthly payments up to five years, and also short and long-term rental programs with ongoing purchase options that apply 70% of prior payments to acquisition at any time, and with flexible, end-of-rental options.

Fluid Imaging Technologies, Inc. manufactures FlowCAM desktop and portable instrumentation for rapid characterization, imaging and monitoring of particles and cells in fluids. The instrument is used for oceanographic research, monitoring municipal water supplies, food and beverages, pharmaceutical formulations, biofuels, chemicals, plastics and other aquatic and industrial applications.

For more information on Fluid Imaging Financial Services, contact Lew Brown at Fluid Imaging Technologies, Inc.

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