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Evodos Type 10 Small Scale Centrifuge

October 24, 2011

Evodos has developed a small-scale centrifuge with a feed flow of 750 liter per hour, intended for research institutions, inoculation processes, small-scale algae operations and testing for algae harvesting and various other mixtures. The Evodos Type 10 machine is part of the family of Evodos centrifuges that are constructed with Evodos’ Spiral Plate Technology (SPT). The Evodos SPT technology allows high separation effectiveness, a dry solid discharge and minimal energy demand.

With SPT algae are totally dewatered and harvested alive with a positive energy balance, according to Marco Brocken, Evodos’ CEO. “Benefits can be expressed in lower costs, less energy consumption and a higher quality of the dewatered product.

New customers can test the Evodos type 10 at their own site for four months at a net cost of 6,000 euros.

More information on the Evodos Type 10 is available at

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