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BGG’s AstaZine® receives novel food approval

December 1, 2016

BGG’s extract production facility

BGG’s extract production facility in the Changping area of Beijing

BGG and its subsidiary Algae Health Sciences have announced that their flagship product, AstaZine® Natural Astaxanthin, has won Novel Food approval from the Food Safety Authority of Ireland.

The new approval will allow BGG to market its AstaZine line throughout Europe. This achievement builds on two previous successful petitions for AstaZine with the US FDA: The first at a dose that does not exceed 12mg of astaxanthin per day, and the second at a dose that does not exceed 24mg of astaxanthin per day for a period of thirty days.

Following the substantial equivalence opinion released by the Food Safety Authority of Ireland, AstaZine will be placed on the EU market as an ingredient in food supplements at the current levels of usage.

“We are extremely pleased to receive this approval that allows us to market AstaZine throughout all EU countries,” said Christian Artaria, CEO of BGG Europe and CMO of BGG group. “We are also extremely happy with our regulatory submission track record in the EU and US with our fourth successful notification on AstaZine.”

Founded in 1995, Beijing, China-based BGG develops and manufactures fruit and botanical extracts, microalgae secondary metabolites, natural vitamins, natural sweeteners and flavor enhancers for use in the dietary supplement, food/beverage, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries. Algae Health Sciences focuses on the production and marketing of efficacious ingredients from natural algae sources. With the second largest capacity to produce Natural Astaxanthin from microalgae, Algae Health Sciences plans to become the world’s largest astaxanthin producer in late 2017. The company has facilities in USA, Switzerland, Japan and China.

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