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AlgaFarm Revisited

October 19, 2017

Editor’s note: Our sincere apologies to the people at AlgaFarm for running an out-of-date video of their facilities. So, we are updating that video with something that reflects their current situation. (It’s also a more exciting video.) Here’s their story. Please enjoy.

Allmicroalgae (owned by the Portuguese cement group, Secil), has recently started production of Chlorella vulgaris and other microalgae species via fermentation, which complements the company’s existing photobioreactor capacity at the production unit, Algafarm, at Pataias – Portugal.

The company’s mission is to bring the best of microalgae to the world by using various cultivating methods and strains to meet the needs of different segments such as human food, dietary supplements, animal nutrition, cosmetics and biofertilizers.

Nowadays, this production facility works on an industrial level — far away from the original pilot plant reality — and is now producing food grade Chlorella vulgaris and also the EPA rich microalga species, Nannochloropsis sp., among other interesting and high biochemical value species (including the genders Tetraselmis sp., Scenedesmus sp., and Phaedactylum sp.)

In 2016, Algafarm was certified for the ISO 22000:2005, and uses solely food grade CO2 for the commercialized microalgae. The R&D activities of the initial project mission — the use of cement’s factory flue gas in microalgae production — will be continued within a specific, dedicated R&D project, which was already started during the year of 2017.

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