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Air Force Research Laboratory, Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio

Air Force Research Laboratory, Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio


Air Force Funds UOP $17.3mil for Biofuel Refinery

September 24, 2012

J dropcapoe Cogliano reports in the Dayton Business Journal that the U.S. Defense Department has announced that Honeywell-owned UOP, based in Des Plaines, IL, was awarded a $17.3 million contract to help create an economically viable refinery for advanced drop-in biofuels.

The deal is structured as a Technology Investment Agreement — requiring bidders to share in at least half the cost — and falls under the Defense Production Act, which is meant to ensure domestic production capability for technology items that are essential to national defense. The Air Force Research Laboratory, at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton, is overseeing the 15-month contract. Honeywell also has a facility in the Dayton region.

The Air Force has been searching for fuels that can be a “drop-in” substitute for standard jet fuel. UOP bills itself is a supplier and licensor of process technology, process plants and consulting services to the petroleum refining, petrochemical, and gas processing industries.

The new fuels research facility is designed to accommodate a variety of processing methods and can process alternative fuels made from a vast variety of common, renewable sources, including soy, animal waste, algae, numerous plant-based materials, and coal-derived waxes and liquids.

Air Force officials are looking to discuss potential collaborative efforts with both public and private sector partners. For information about the facility’s offerings and availability contact the AFRL Aerospace Systems marketing department at (937) 938-4808 or AFRL.RQ.Marketing@wpafb.af.mil.

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