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Scale Up

Agcore triples facility size for aquafeed demand

October 23, 2016

Agcore Team

Agcore Team inside a Spirulina Farm: Dan Matuszek (Biologist), Zachary Fleet (Operations Manager), Amy Dressler (Production Manager), Larry Dressler (President)

Agcore Technologies LLC, producer of Agcore Spirulina, has announced that their 2016 expansion project to support their growing aquafeed demand is in the completion process. The new facility, which includes a greenhouse, cultivation and harvesting system, triples Agcore’s existing output.

This has been a busy year for Agcore, securing funding in January for their expansion, and being awarded an R.I. Innovation Voucher to team up with the University of Rhode Island Department of Aquaculture and Fisheries Sciences. In February, Agcore hosted Rhode Island Governor Raimondo and her economic staff to tour and discuss Agcore’s biotech farming. In March, Agcore was awarded 2016 Emerging Manufacturer by PBN and construction of the expansion project followed in June.

President Larry Dressler

President Larry Dressler at University of Rhode Island Aquaculture Laboratory where Agcore Trout Feed is being tested

Agcore expanded their commercial fish food product line in July with a line of Carnivore, Herbivore and Omnivore Fish Foods for the ornamental fish industry. In September, University of Rhode Island began testing Agcore’s trout feed in nine aqua-tanks to compare growth rates, mortality, overall health and feed conversion ratios.

There will be two twelve-week tests with prior and current results indicating positive outcomes. A similar test on tilapia will begin in November and additional species will continue through 2017.

“Life is funny, I grew up as an aquarium hobbyist and now I’m building and running our modular designed production facilities to produce aqua-feed,” said Zachary Fleet, Operations Manager. “Watching a third party test our finished products is very rewarding.”

Agcore Team

Agcore Team in July during early excavation of new greenhouse

When President Lawrence Dressler opened the doors to his first algae farm in January 2011 he never expected that in less than six years his entire business model would take a complete pivot, from biofuels (lipids) to nutrition (protein). Mr. Dressler and his team have been able to seamlessly adapt to the quickly changing algae and spirulina industry, following trends in public demand. Now, the reimagined Agcore Technologies is growing exponentially and building a brand name.

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