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25 ways to eat spirulina

June 15, 2016

Former Oxford Times columnist Helen Peacock has penned a book of how to cook with Spirulina algae to raise funds for Abingdon orphans’ charity the Nasio Trust. She is pictured cooking up some green treats in her Eynsham kitchen.

Former Oxford Times columnist Helen Peacock has penned a book of how to cook with Spirulina algae to raise funds for Abingdon orphans’ charity the Nasio Trust. She is pictured cooking up some green treats in her Eynsham kitchen.

Pete Hughes in England writes about a former Oxford Times writer who has published a book of 25 recipes all featuring spirulina as a prime ingredient. There is even a recipe for dog biscuits. Helen Peacocke wrote her Green Power cookbook inspired by an Abingdon charity’s project to farm spirulina in Africa as a cheap, nutritious source of protein. Now she is selling her paperback to raise money for the same charity: the Nasio Trust.

Mrs. Peacocke, who lives in Eynsham, spent months battling with bags of bright green powder trying to find flavor combinations that would complement the strong-tasting algae. She even recruited a little help from children at St. Swithun’s primary school in Kennington, who contributed a pinch of imagination and a dash of daring to proceedings by coming up with their own recipes.

Last month, she finally revealed the fruit of her labors. The 74-year-old said: “It was definitely a challenge but it was also great fun and for a really good cause. The Nasio Trust’s spirulina project is a fantastic way to make kids in Kenya more healthy.”

The Nasio Trust, founded to fund two orphanages in Kenya, started fundraising in 2013 for a new project: a spirulina farm. Oxford fundraising group Kennington Overseas Aid chose Nasio as its charity of the year in 2014 and raised £25,000 which allowed it to make its spirulina dreams come true.

By the following year the first 10 tanks were already producing 13kg of dried, protein-rich algae every week, enough work to employ seven people.

Hoping to help the charity even more, Kennington Overseas Aid recruited Helen Peacocke to write a book of recipes that could show off spirulina at its most delicious and also raise extra money for the charity.

Mrs. Peacocke will be officially launching the book along with representatives of the Nasio Trust and members of Kennington Overseas Aid at this year’s Kennington Fete on Saturday, June 18.

Some of the children from St. Swithun’s will even demonstrate how to make their winning smoothie recipe.

The recipes include:

  • Safi Green Ugali (a traditional African dish made with maize or millet flour)
  • Spiced Red Cabbage
  • Beetroot Soup with Feta
  • Apple Hamburgers (pork and apple)
  • Individual Apple Pies
  • Autumn Spirulina Pasties
  • Baked Potato and Pumpkin
  • Beetroot and Coconut Dip
  • Pasta Casserole
  • Bubble and Squeak, Spiced Cakes with Kale, Spinach and Egg (and Spirulina)
  • Appacardo Smoothie (by Alex Howard and Max Dunham from St Swithun’s School, Kennington)
  • Spirulina Dog Biscuits

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